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Diploma in Computer Management Engineering


Communication and Computer Networking play an important role in modern business and society. One cannot think of passing modern life and managing modern businesses without  Communication and Computer Networking.

Communication and Computer Networking is the utilization of science and math applied to practical problems in the field of computer science and Electronic communications. One cannot imagine daily life without a mobile phone, laptop (computer), television, tablets, digital watch, internet banking, ATM cards, Wi-Fi, internet connection, microwave Owen and many more gadgets and communication systems. As if one looks into the future, robots will also be part of our lives very soon and embedded electronics which is a subsidiary of Communication and  Computer Networking will play an important role in this.  

A candidate aspiring for this course in Communication and Computer Networking will deal with the electronic devices, circuits, communication setup and will get to learn about computer science with programming, Basic and Advance networking, electronics and equipment like transmitter, receiver, PCBs, Microprocessors, Network programming languages, operating systems, data structure, and communication setup tools.

Telecommunication Sector and related Departments 
Service Division (IT-enabled services, Maintenance service, and Installation services)
Network installation and maintenance  
Wireless and Mobile communication 
Electronic Components and Devices Manufacturing and Installation Organizations
Computer Assembling and Computer Peripheral Industry 
Instrumentation and Control Industries 
Mobile Phone assembly Industries

Data Communication and Computer Networks